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Autogenic Therapy, or AT, is a self-help, non-drug approach to alleviating the symptoms of stress, and is offered on the National Health Service (NHS) at the Royal London Homoeopathic Hospital.

Casestudypic Bas2 As the professional and regulatory body for autogenic therapists in the UK, the British Autogenic Society wanted to raise awareness of the healing benefits of AT among members of the medical profession and the general public. Working closely with the Society’s Board, STRATEMARCO designed a limited 6-month PR campaign focussed on the print media, which led to articles and features in THE GUARDIAN, POSITIVE HEALTH MAGAZINE, THE INTERNATIONAL THERAPIST and HEALTH and FITNESS. The number of hits on the Society’s website rose significantly during this time, at one point reaching 7 times the average daily rate prior to the PR campaign. At the same time, our web design associate, Tim Spear, worked to revamp the Society’s website, helping to update its image and enhance user-friendliness.